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  1. Hi all, I've downloaded a couple of DivX movies, but when I look at them the sound is really bad, especially if the word ends with an "s" or "ts", it's a horrible crisp sound, can't really describe it. Have someone else experienced this problem and can it be corrected somehow? I don't wanna encode to mpeg if the sound quality is poor....

    By the way, the DivX movies were all DVD-rip by VITE, if anyone wonders...

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    Yes, I downloaded Rush Hour 2 yesterday and I'm experiencing the same problems even though the size of the divx is 440mbs. Is there a way to solve this? Any help would be appricated. Thanks
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  3. Yeah my friend downloaded rush hour 2, and told me the quality was hopeless, so i didnt download it. its probably because you have an SMR rip, and SMR is hopeless for sound and video. As for solving it, there must be some audio filtering proggie out there. Try using nero's audio filters, that might help abit. This would be qite a complex process however. what you would have to do is:

    Extract The Audio File From Your AVI File
    Add it to an audio CD template in Nero
    Add the nero filters (If they help)
    Burn it onto A CD-RW as an audio CD with the filters applied
    Rip the audio track from the CD using a CD ripper
    Re-Mux it with your AVI file.
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  4. I just looked in nero, and there is an audio filter called HISS REDUCTION. ill tell you how to use it.
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  5. OK here is the exact process
    You will need, virtual dub, any CD ripper and nero any version and a CD-RW

    OK open your video file in virtual DUB
    Click the menu item AUDIO and change to FULL PROCESSING MODE
    Click on AUDIo again, and click compression. use NO COMPRESSION (PCM). Now click FILE -> SAVE WAV. save the audio wave file. OK now open nero, and make a new audio CD template. Add your wave file, then right click and do properties. Then click the filters tab, and use the HISS REDUCTION filter, you can test it yourself within nero. OK now burn onto a CD-RW (i suggest CD-RW because if you did it on a CD-R, it would be a waste of a CD).

    Now after burning, rip the audio file from the CD, it should have hte filter applied. Save it as a wave file or MP3 or whatever.

    OK now open your AVI file in virtual DUB again, click on the VIDEO menu item, then make sure DIRECT STREAM COPY is selected. now click on AUDIO and click on WAV AUDIO, and select the WAV file that you ripped from the CD with the filter applied. OK now goto File -> SAVE AVI, and after a while you should have an AVI file with audio and video, with the audio filter applied, and most probably much less hissing.
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  6. I don't think my downloaded DivX-movies were SMR rips, they were DVD rips with exellent quality (over 700 Mb each), some of them, like "Driven", were divided into two Avi parts and they were also over 700 Mb each. But the sound was quite bad, it's almost like the sound was recorded in a jar, and when a word ends with an "s" or a "ts" it's like they have a lisp, a horrible crisp sound.


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  7. I told you how to fix it twice. Use hiss reduction.
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  8. ok, I'll try that
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