The people using dvdrhelp seem to have a lot of knowledge and I would like to use some of the information on the following questions.

I am looking at three recorders (do not want to spend a lot the first time) RCA DRC8000N, LiteOn LVW-5001 and the Cyberhome DVR1500. Which would you conceder the best to do copying? Do you have another suggestion?

I have heard nothing but good things about the Clarifier and the DP1000. Do these units perform about the same are is one considered better?

Will the Clarifier are the DP1000 allow you to copy Disney or ppv movies? I know where to hook the DVD or VCR to the recorder to make copy's where do you hook these to copy Disney or ppv? I do have composite out on the back of the TV.

Is there a DVD recorder/player that is DVD/ VCR friendly on the market are can made to be friendly?