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  1. Whats the best way to capture low light video using a standard digital camera the model I own at present is a panasonic nv-ds29, been trying to capture dog hunting by lamplight (1million candle spotlight) using standard settings, the picture is poor until the subject is real close.
    Theres a 0 lux setting which is black and white, I haven't used yet but in the manual it says its only good for 3 metres distance.
    Any tips
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  2. No one can help me
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  3. The Russian army were recently selling off their surplus stuff which included a lot of night vision stuff and included big ruggedised video cameras .....
    Also I think some vidcams have specific low-light settings.. failing that get IR lamps and an IR cam.
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  4. No - basically what you are asking is almost impossible. All consumer camcorders have tiny CCDs (image sensors) that are not good in low light. Even the pro cameras are bad in low light.
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