For just making Divx videos from ripping DVDs ...

Lots of programs to use ... I know.

The program I found that makes a Divx video without seeing any interlace lines is FairUse 0.30 Beta. Analizes the video stream for best setting.

I used the Divx codec 3.11 and auto four pass mode. Took 6.5 hours to finish encoding. I used Headac3he 0.23a to convert the AC-3 file to a wav file.

I told FairUse I wanted the size to be 680 megs ... after merging the audio with VirtualDub ... it is ..... 680 megs ... sweet !!! Mp3 audio bitrate 160 ... 48 khz.

I know there is FairUse version 0.32.8. I didn't care for the menu on the new version. I was already used to using version 0.30 beta. But FairUse wont rip dvds with LPCM audio. The DVD ... Madonna Immaculate Video Collection uses LPCM audio.

Solution ... record-copy with Panasonic DMR E50 DVD Recorder to get AC-3 audio. I used a VCR friendly Apex DVD player for my source.