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  1. Can anybody tell me why my CPU useage is so high when burning DVDs? - it sits at 100% utilization all the time. It doesnt matter whether doing a copy, or burning the files from the HDD - its always the same.
    I have tried Nero version 6 and DVD Clone and get same performance readings.

    I am running with Asus A7V8X 2.6Ghz AMD 512DDR PC3200. The HDD is connected to IDE channel 1 (master) and DVD Writer - which is a PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-106D is connected as Secondary Master.

    I am using 'Datawrite' media

    Again, when burning 4.5gig of data from the HDD to the DVD it takes 30 mins at 4x speed. - Which seems to be DOUBLE what it should be.

    Any advice greatly appreciated.
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  2. I have exactly the same problem with a DVR-106D using datawrite and ritek 4x media - all burn at 2x and cpu runs at ~90% while burning (burning CDs on my CD writer works fine).

    Tried Nero 6 and Sonic RecordNow, reinstalled Windows XP, stripped the machine (Gigabyte GA-8STXCFS, 2.4 Ghz Intel P4, 1GB DDR) to the bare essentials (removed additional hard disks and CD writer). Also tried running the DVR-106D on the Promise Ultra ATA board rather than the IDE but nothing has made a difference.

    Did read somewhere about a SIS PCI IDE Controller driver update, tried it but this failed resulting in my normal CD writer exhibiting the same high CPU rates when burning.

    Also have the same high CPU rate when burning on DVD+RW disks although they burn at the correct speed.

    Sorry can't be of help, posting this in the hope someone else can help us out.[/quote]
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  3. What is the CPU usage before you write the DVD?
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  4. Before the burn starts the CPU is running at 2%
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  5. I had the same problem.
    Sometime the IDE channel reverts to PIO when it should be DMA.
    You can check this in device manager, find the port your DVD is connected to and look at the properties.
    If you can not change them (or they revert straight back) try deleting the port from device manger (Don't worry it will install again after a re boot or 2)
    If the IDE Channel will not change then try a driver up date
    If all else fails do what I did. Buy a PCI IDE controller and run it off that
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  6. TIM6661234 is correct this is a primary cause of a slow burn.
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  7. Must admit I'd looked at the IDE settings before and according to device manager the DVD drive is currently using UDMA mode 2. I tried connecting the DVD to my Maxtor Ultra ATA 133 IDE card instead of the on-board IDE but this didn't help either.

    Also tried a driver update, using the latest SIS IDE Driver 2.04 (SIS645DX chipset)

    Any recommendations on a PCI IDE Controller?
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    You already have one, the ATA133.

    If you need or would like another, I think I would go with a SIIG, the model I was looking at recognized ATAPI optival drives.

    My Promise Ultra ATA 66 does see an optical device, but my 133 does not. Installed the 66 when I got my second DVD burner. 4 HDDs, 3 opticals, this machine. All is well.


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