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  1. What I need is a program for viewing DV from my Sony camcorder on my computer.
    I have DV editing programs,Ulead etcccc.
    I would like a program that has options like size of screen,ability to lighten and darken and one that does a good job of giving a quality picture.
    It seems using my Ulead to just view for pleasure is kind of limited.
    And I realy can find anything from WXP that would be used for this option.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks Brad
    Whay doesnt my video look good on my TV when i patch it through my computer to my TV?
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    Try PowerDVD. Computers don't do a good job of emulating a regular TV. You can adjust the resoulution, and other settings to get some improvement. PowerDVD will give you a fairly similar picture on your monitor. The only way to really see how a DVD looks on a TV is to play it on a TV.
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  3. I,m soory.
    I mean a Digital Video camera.
    I have Power DVD and I dont think I can plug my camera in my computer and view tape.
    I want to view tape from my camera.
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  4. You CAN use PowerDVD to view DV-Avi from the HD, I don't know of any program that lets you view DV-Avi over firewire from the tape, except capture programs preview window that is!
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  5. Bugster,
    Thanks for the info.
    Thats what I thought.
    I really hate using the preview window because there are no options while viewing and I dont want to save it while I am watching it.
    Thanks anyway.
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