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  1. Hi folks. I searched for the problems I am seeing with MMC 8.8 and haven't found similar issues.

    I have a TV wonder pro and a geforce TI4200 video card. Everything works fine with MMC 8.2.

    I uninstalled 8.2 and installed 8.8. I didn't install ezshare because I have a geforce video card.

    I installed all three components as specified on the ATI web page.
    1. DAO/MDAC
    2. Drivers
    3. MMC 8.8

    When I start TV, I get an error message about ezlook not starting because of incorrect drivers.

    Once TV comes up, the audio is totally out of sync with the video. I'm looping my audio from the ATI card to my soundblaster line in 2.

    Anybody have any ideas?


    My computer specs are in my profile.
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  2. Video Restorer lordsmurf's Avatar
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    Internally wire the audio on an AUX channel. Don't use LINE IN, as it may have an artificial delay on the channel.
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  3. how doy internally wire it?
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  4. I don't think there is an artifical delay on the channel. It worked fine with MMC 8.2.
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  5. Member
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    Yeah , What is an artificial delay ?
    The sound cards I'm used to just have an analog switch to
    select which input gets fed to the A/D converter.
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  6. Originally Posted by lordsmurf
    Originally Posted by jimquinn
    Lordsmurf while your helping ATI put in a word for AC3 capture too.

    I bet that would make MMC cost money... would you be willing to pay for that?
    I would pay for that, right now, today. (if the price was reasonable, tmpgenc dvd author does it for $29.00)

    Then future all in wonders should come with ac3 suport built into the price. It's really sad there is a "DVD" preset which uses nonstandard audio, that's just cheezy for for cards of this calibur and DVD burners costing what they do.
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