Guide to authoring multiple movie DVDR’s
With DVD shrink

In this guide we will be using DVD shrink 3.0 beta 5. I will show you how to author a multi film DVDR. This DVD will have no Menu Navigation, in this case you would use the title function on your DVD players remote to switch between films.

I will be using the open files function from within DVD shrink. I am assuming you have the titles you want to put on your dvd already stored on your HDD.

Step 1. OPEN DVD SHRINK and choose open files

STEP 2. Choose your first movie

STEP 3. Once you have opened the file you want choose Re-author and another window shall open.

Step 4. Drag the main move title 1 to the Re-author window

Step 5. Go to Original DVD shrink Window and choose OPEN FILES
And open your next movie you want to add to the list

Repeat Step 4 by opening the film in DVD shrink then dragging the Title over to your Re-author Window

After you do this Close the WINDOW you were using to open you movie files.

STEP 6. Now you have your 2 movies set up

Choose back up and save the movies to your hard disk drive. Then burn with your favorite DVD software.