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  1. stupid title but, lets say that i use an XL1 to record something. can i use another MiniDv camera to play that tape back that i recorded? i have limited access to the XL1 due to school and have footage that i would like to work with. i own a D8 camera but have access to another Sony that plays and records in MiniDv format. any help is greatly appreciated.
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    MiniDV is indeed MiniDV. If your recording was done in the SP recording mode (60 minutes) you shouldn't have any problem reading the tape on any other MiniDV player/recorder. If you recorded in LP mode, it is most likely that you'll still be able to play it on other camcorders, but the data is packed tighter and might present a problem.
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  3. thank you for your help.
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    One word of caution. It is suggested on many forums that you
    pick one brand of Mini DV tape and stick with it. Changing back
    and forth from one manufacturers tape to another can cause the
    various lubricants used by each manufacturer to chemically react
    and clog the transport. I have recently experienced problems after
    buying some Panasonic tapes on sale only to find that they are
    NOT compatible with my JVC camcorder. If you get a head cleaning
    warning from your camcorder, be aware that it may be a tape
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