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  1. Hi all,

    Have any TRV33 owners had trouble playing back video [shot in widescreen] on a normal tv? Accordiing to the manual, page 53, it says:


    * The picture played back in the wide mode on a normal tv appears the same as the picture played back in the wide mode on your camcorder [a]. ([a] is the widescreen view on the camcorder's viewscreen)

    My playbacks are compressed in the widthwise direction, however.

    This is not a huge issue for me because 99% of what I view has been/will be edited and burned to dvd for playback. But it bugs me that I can't do what the manual clearly states I should be able to. Plus there are times when I want to see the effects of what I have shot right away.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you in advance!

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  2. Member vhelp's Avatar
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    I have the TRV-22, and from my experience, you seem to be confused.

    If you set your cam to 16:9 mode, and output it to a TV set, it will be stretched
    to fullscreen on your TV set. However, if you have a widescreen tv set,
    then it will be widescreen (ws) filling the whole ws set.

    On a normal tv set (as what seems to be your case) it will not add any black
    bars, unless your tv set had an optional setting to switch between tv mode
    and ws mode. Other than that, all tv's wil fill the screen completely.

    To encode this 16:9, you have to encode inside tmpg as 16:9, and select
    the (Full Screen) option. No cropping. Then, encode this way, and you'll
    have your ws (or, black bars on your normal tv set, or fs on a ws tv set)

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  3. vhelp,

    Thanks for your response, and advice for encoding, etc. You are likely more than right about playback on a "normal" tv. But the manual says what it says (my copy here at home). I was just following it...

    Thanks again.

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    I own a TVR-22 and I think (though I have never tried it) that if you send the video out from your camcorder with S-Video (not the all in one cable) that it should show up as 16:9. Or at least that's what I understood my manual to say.
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  5. theseus001,

    I'll bet you are right, but I can't test right now because unfortunately I don't currently have a tv w/ s-video. I went to the Sony website last night and downloaded the .pdf manual, and it essentially says the same thing as I posted originally, except the[*] was after the "A" screenshot, not the "C" screenshot, which, actually clarifies and reenforces my intitial reading of the manual.

    Thanks for the idea! I will try this as soon as I can get access to an s-video terminal!

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  6. Member dynamix1's Avatar
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    On my trv33 I shoot in in 16:9 and outputted to my tv which is also a sony with and enhanced 16:9 feature which gives a widescreen feature and works fine.
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