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  1. I buy my Ritek from and in the past few months I have bought about 200 of them with no problems at all. I think 4 failed. I paid about 1.25 each. A few days ago I saw they were on sale for .99 each and that is the best price I have ever seen at this place. I wrote them and asked if this was grade A media and they never replied to me. I took a chance and bought them. Upon opening the first pack of 50 I noticed that the sides are a little rough. I never saw that on the disks I paid 1.25 for. I have burned 10 with 1 failure. I only have watched one movie and it was a high action, fast paced movie and it played fine. I guess there is no problem, it just seems weird to me that the edges seem a little rough. Why don't they give us a choice on buying what grade of media we want? Even though these .99 Riteks seem to be fine, I would not mind paying the 1.25 if I knew I was getting grade A. Just my thoughts.


  2. I find it interesting that Rima doesn't list this same Ritek that Meritline sells as grade A. It says "4.7GB capacity, General use, G04".

  3. Originally Posted by disturbed1
    "Grade A" product is what is usually used for the OEM. In Ritek's case, these are the discs that go for Fuji and other companies.
    Is it safe to assume then that all Fuji DVD-R is ritek grade A? If you don't mind me asking, how do you know that Fuji DVD-R is Ritek?

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    Originally Posted by Shtirlits
    Originally Posted by disturbed1
    "Grade A" product is what is usually used for the OEM. In Ritek's case, these are the discs that go for Fuji and other companies.
    Is it safe to assume then that all Fuji DVD-R is ritek grade A? If you don't mind me asking, how do you know that Fuji DVD-R is Ritek?
    Fuji uses several OEM's to make their media, including Prodisc, Tayio Yuden and Ritek. Though Fuji has recently OEM'd their 2x media to Ritek (G04), with Prodisc and Tayio Yuden being the major 4x OEM.

    Verbatim has also used Ritek. There are lesser known brands that also use Ritek media as an OEM (Universal 4x media is Ritek G04, Universal 1x Silver top are Ritek G03, while the White top branded 1x is Gigastorage). There are a few brands outside of the US that also use Ritek as an OEM.

    It's safe to say that all of FujiFilm's media is "Grade A".

  5. since meritline sucks, where should i buy my ritek dvd-r's?

  6. Ive ordered 3 times (1 order of RITEKG04 and 2 orders of PRIMES) from and havent had any problems with them (yet). Their
    shipping is a little slow (it always takes 7 to 8 days to get my order), but Im spoiled with newegg I suppose.

    The PRIMES are the best bang for the buck, Ive tried both the 4x and the 1x. I like the 1x becaue they were only 0.60/pc and burn at 2 speed (Ive even burned a few at 4x,lol) they play on XBOX and PS2- no problems.

    Ive have the NEC ND1300A.

  7. The G04 Ritek's I got from have been 100%.
    Their service is excellent. I've only bought from them once so far, based on many others here recommending them. But I was impressed-- night and day compared to Meritline.

    so my answer is: RIMA.COM

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    I've read your whole shpiel, and your very last link was the straw that broke this camel's back.

    You link to a website selling "Universal Media" who will give you a 1 to 1 exchange on a bad disk. They show you a couple circles on a representation of a "Brand B" and a "Brand C" disk. Universal Media is better.

    I will be damned if I will buy anything because the seller says "our" tests show that "we are better".

    You sound like a tout, laugh at him, he'll go away, humiliate him, no one will listen, just drive your point home, I know what I am talking about, I know the guy who knows the guy who knows the CEO of a company who makes this or that media. I AM smarter than yunz.

    This sounds like a good place to use the expression "You are as full of shit as a Christmas Goose." I'd like to buy you for what you are worth, and sell you for what you think you are worth. I'd make a mint.

    You use anectdotal, second hand, third hand, hell, even 4th hand reference to prove ...something, I don't know what.

    This is your standard tactic, Quaiboy, gayboy, etc., you always attack, attack, attack.

    I've got a couple e-mails out, hope to get some answers to put you in your place. Rest assured, if they back you up, I'll post them also, and even render an apology.

    I don't think they will.



  9. Originally Posted by defense

    That last link is interesting because it shows the level of Parity errors which must be met for the universal DVD-R format. Parity Inner <400, Parity Outer should be no more then 0. Of course, using's not completely accurate and i've read many inaccuracies with it..however, all my high quality disks do show less then 1 for P0. PO is what directly affect playback ability and there's not much margin for error there as there is with PI.
    The info on that page is wrong. DVD-R specs states that PI sum 8 should be <280, jitter should be <8 % and I14 / I14H should be >0.60. Also don't mix PO and POF. PO displayed in KProbe is supposedly the same as PIF. This is not specified in the DVD-R specs but in the DVD+R specs it is <=4 per ECC. POF (Parity Outer Failures) should of course be 0 else the disc is a coaster.

    About "grades". There is nothing that stop a manufacturer, distributor or reseller to call even the crappiest discs Grade A if they want to so it's quite useless information.

    BTW since this thread is about meritline too: Meritline sells 4x media as 8x.

  10. Actually, all Ritek DVD-Media sold as Ritek or Ridata brand are A grade. I always buy Ritek DVD media from and no problems at all. I also noticed that the company is a Ritek Authorized distributor. You can see the certificate at . As we known, Ritek is the biggest and most reliable DVD media manufacturer in the world. During manufacturing process, some B grade discs are made since the technology of producing DVD media is not as sophisticated as that of producing CD media. Then the manufactuer picked up those B grade discs and sold them as other brands. For Ritek, usually the best DVD discs are for its name brand OEM customers such as Ricoh, Verbatim, Memorex, Imation, Sony and then for its own brands Ritek (Asian and European etc) and Ridata (in north america). The company doesn't dump those B grade discs since if they do that, their costs actually go up. So the company sold those B grade discs to some small dealers as other brands. For example, Arita DVD+R media are B grade discs made by Ritek.

  11. @ seem to have a difficult time understanding facts. You do the same thing on the "OFF TOPIC" forum all the time....even if you don't undersand bullshit facts. If you aren't doing that in a post...then you are being one miserable shit. It's almost always one of the two though. You seem to enjoy being miserable...maybe you have serious health issues..who knows....but that's your problem not anyone elses. As far as your comments in this post...prove ANYTHING I said wrong..or stick your miserable head back up your ass and eat your own feces as you're used to doing.

    I remember a while back you were complaining about why so many "NEWBIES" ask the same questions over and over and how angry that made you feel. Of course, I then posted about five of your "BRAINDEAD" original posts which really were BRAINDEAD. Dumb ass questions that even most newbies this day don't ask. Funny how in one of those posts you were GLORIOUSLY praising all of us "YOUNGSTERS" for knowing so much more then you and leading you in the right direction with help so many times. You are sad "GEORGE".....get a life for yourself if you can...and

    I'm challenging you to get ANY FACTS that prove ANYTHING I said as being incorrect. I didn't see any posts here or ANYWHERE else for that matter which mentioned a 12 year GM with Ritek recently resigning back in November...did you? I also don't see how it would be possible to know meritline alone purchaed 1 million pieces of Ritek media last month...would you Georgy? Of course you wouldn''re gonna stand corrected like you always're miserable...but at least have a clue of what you are talking about before you start talking. You don't even own a DVD BURNER ..yet you have 'SOURCES' which are going to dispute what i'm saying?

    Disturbed also broke down the media grading..almsot identical to that of what I posted. He also added a contact number for the "source" which supplies all the online sites for anyone to call if they wished.

    @ -jsl- , you know..your posts are "usually" accurate, but I never got a response back from you after you said there was absolutely no way the 4x Sony burners could burn @8x because the laser power wouldn't be able to burn at that speed. Sony came out and said months later that their current 4x drives absolutely did have the power to burn @8x. I posted the link to the article and you never responded.

    Now as far as as PI goes....i've read different charts with different max values. I think it's pretty irrelevant...because i've never seen a chart with a SPIKE or more average of a PI over 220. least not with sold/burned media being tested. And it's usually considerabley less then that. The purpose of the link was for the actual "test" regarding what would constitute a Grade A disk vs. a Grade B disk and vice versa. I just made the point that the other technical values were also there. I do remember seeing a chart max PI of somewhere around 280 though for PI...because when the one disk I burned had a PI 'AVG' of 220...I got concerned. I believe the specs were directly on the DVD FORUM PAGE. But over the last 10 months..I haven't had a PI avg even remotely close to I was never concerned.

    The only reason I mentioned it was to make the point that the PO is what directly affects playback ability..and there isn't any margin for error as their is with PI. I believe I even stated that...but didn't correlate with this post directly.

    As far as an oline site claiming to sell "GRADE A" disks....of course the online sites can say whatever they's already been established most of them aren't selling GRADE A media as it is. Of course, they are obviously CAREFUL with what they call GRADE A Media. If they weren't then why don't they tag ALL THEIR MEDIA WITH A GRADE A certification?

    That's common sense....they don't do it for a reason. Ask someone that knows and they'll tell you the same thing. The reason they don't call ALL disks GRADE A disks is because they know people will have enough sense to know that if they purchased 25 TAIYO YUDEN "GRADE A" disks AND 25 "digital" MATRIX disks that meritline sells listed also as 'GRADE A"....when damn near all of the DIGITAL MATRIX disks now at .57 a piece cause skipping issues or fail to burn....even a chicken head could figure out they BOTH aren't GRADE A. So what they do is sell the most popular, most reliable media as GRADE people just "eat it up."

    And being that the Ridata/Ritek "WERE" the most stable of all RITEK..being sold from these oline sites "ANOTHER FACT"....then they'll tag them with the "GRADE A" ad to increase popularity and sales.

    But once's FAR from useless information because it makes people aware of how the entire process works...that's number one..and number two..if you read my posts you'll know that my point was that there are DIFFERENCES BETWEEN GRADE A disks and all other GRADES. I made it very clear that there ARE differences, and in many cases, MAJOR DIFFERENCES. And it's also extremely useful information because once agian, if you read my posts, you'll also see where I specified what an online site can PURCHASE LOWER GRADE MEDIA FOR...which once again, is about .15 cents cheaper per disk.

    If an online site like meritline is purchasing GRADE D disks..they are doing so at an extremely low price.....why do you think so many people had so many issues with the last 5-10 disks in their spindles from meritline on several occasions? It's pretty obvious why...i've just explained why..and if you or anyone thinks it's just a coincidence that 5-10 disks in various people's spindles had "DUD/DEFECTIVE" disks...then you're really kidding yourself. The Grade an online site means nothing..but the grading spec of media in general means a hell of a lot.

    You are in breach of the forum rules and are being issued with a formal warning.
    / Moderator vitualis

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    Topic closed.

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