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  1. Hello,

    I have downloaded a MPEG2 movies then pictures contains interlacing problems(each movement contains many small horizontal lines).
    Is it possible to correct it ?

    I would like to build VCD disk to view it thru TV but the size of this file is 480*480. My question is what is the right dimension and how can I do it ?
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  2. Sounds like its a SVCD mpeg2 file. If your DVD player supports SVCD then try burning it as that. If you have to go the VCD route use
    TMPGEnc to convert the file, it will be deinterlaced when you encode.
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    480x480 sounds like a mpeg2 svcd. Play it with a real dvd/svcd player like WinDVD or PowerDVD and you wont see the interlace lines.

    You could also try and author and burn it as SVCD,

    If you want to convert to VCD, and choose SVCD to VCD in the search box.
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  4. Thanks for all. I have used Power DVD and all works fine. Another question: does I change the dimension of the movies for (S)VCD disk ?

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  5. 480x480 is the correct resolution for an NTSC SVCD, an NTSC VCD would be 352x240.

    If you want to convert from SVCD to VCD it is not as simple as just changing the resolution, you would need to reencode with a bitrate of 1150kbps.
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