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    just got this today and im not sure if i made a mistake or not
    took a couple of mins footage in the house and the picture seems grainy
    is this what i should expect

    also what should i be using to capture in terms of application - it comes with pinacle 8 se
    and when finally captured and suggestion on improving (making less pixalated) and converting to burn on dvd

    mainly bought this as the old analouge 8 has crapped out and the family is now complete and want to keep some footage of the kids to look back on

    any other info that might be helpful would be appreciate
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    I bought a mv650i just recently as it has got some good reviews. An I also shot some home footage which comes out grainy. I've scoured the internet to see why this is so. From some of the information I see it seems it a low light issue. Some people say that canon cameras aren't very good for low light. I had also shot some similar footage witha friends panasonic camera (cheaper than my canon!) and that looked a lot better. I have sufficient light in my house but what constitutes sufficient light for a good movie I don't know. When I had a panasonic a few years ago I never seemd to have this problem. I am thinking of contacting canon uk to find out fromthem whether this is normal. If so I am very dissapointed especially as I was expecting something a lot better. If you have had any further info regarding this apparent problem I would be very intereste.
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