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  1. Some of Sony's MicroMV camcorders spec out MPEG2 compression. I know that they can record MPEG1 and stills to the memory stick but what is this MPEG2 compression claim? Are they suggesting that they can record MPEG2 on the memory stick also, or to the tape???
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  2. OK, after researching more it appears that when they spec MPEG2 compression they mean that it comes with MovieShacker software to do the conversion on your PC. That's some tricky advertising.
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    There is an article in a video mag here is Australia - Sony has discontinued the MicroMV line - didn't say whether that was worldwide or just Australia - perhaps they had too many issues with non-standard mpeg2 output
    Or maybe it's a bigger reason - not sure

    I didn't think MicroMV used tape at all....?!?!?
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    MicroMV is the tape format. It's a really small tape, much smaller than DV tapes, so you can make the camcorder microscopic.

    My first thought when it came out was that the small size doesn't justify the limitations of the MicroMV format, and I think that's why it's not taking the market by storm.

    Reading that link, it looks like that camcorder is mpeg1 all the way (in vcd resolution). Other MicroMV camcorders have higher resolution and use the tapes, but it looks like that one is memory-stick only (!). I'd be careful of that one - it looks like a limited market item.

    I personally wouldn't pay $1200 for that camera.
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  5. Yes after reading some more about it:

    1. Stills and MPEG1 go on the memory stick, You can buy a 1Gb stick for $500 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2. The MicroMV is a DV tape like the MiniDV but smaller and it has a 64kb chip in the cassette to keep track of the recording info.
    3. The MPEG2 is only after processing the DV on your PC. Just like we all do any way with our current DV cameras.

    Here is some better info of the MicroMV camcorder:

    I also wouldn't pay >$1000 for a camera. Just browsing for models that hopefully will drop in price in a year or so. I think I will stay away from MicroMV.
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