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  1. if i copy a DVD-r onto another dvd-r, will the quality suffer badley?? i hear so many different things about this issue, does anyone have personal experience?? i do not have a recorder yet, but will be getting the Sony RDR-GX7 or the Panasonic DMR-E80H.
    many thanks in advance!
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    If you want to copy a DVD-R you should do it on your computer not on a DVD standalone.
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  3. I have done that and IMO the quality looked darn good. You will of course need a device like this to get past the copy protection of the DVD. The best way to make a backup of a DVD is with a computer and DVD burner however you could also do it directly from DVD player to DVD recorder.

    If you're looking for a recorder then I would consider this LiteON DVD+RW recorder for $250 which is a good deal.
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  4. thank you for the honest opinions, they are appreciated!
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