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  1. does any1 no how 2 convert ntsc movie file 2 pal. basically wot i want 2 do is to create a vcd. i've got da avi file and need to convert it 2 mpeg(pal) wit TMPenc but i don't no da settings. can sumbody help PLZ???

    also would da film lose sum quality from doin dis ?
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  2. you need to use the VideoCD(Pal).mcf file. That will give you all the right settings to write to a NTSC Mpeg.
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  3. Haganb, im a bit i select videocd(pal) if i want to create a pal mpeg or videocd(ntsc). sorry if dis question dumb, i m a newbie
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  4. Select videocd (pal)and I'm not sure about losing quality.
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