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  1. I wanted to know if anyone does this as suggested by:

    If so, what digital camcorder is the best for doing this ? Im trying to connect my Sony Camcorder that only handles 8mm cassettes to a digital camcorder with A/V IN so I can capture it then run it through to my computer.

    Any suggestions appreciated - thanks!
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    If you have a firewire input on your PC AND
    your camera will play analog tapes and output DV do that.

    If your camera only has analog out you need either another camera
    that has passthrough OR an analog capture card. Don't even bother with
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  3. Yeah i wanted to get another camera that has the passthrough capability both analogue and digital. I just wanted to know which model/brand would be good for this use.

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  4. The Sony TRV350 can play digital and analog 8mm tapes and has a analog to digital pass through. There was some discussion about this half way through this posted topic:
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  5. Thanks that model sounds pretty great!
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