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  1. This is a error I get since update to build 1.5.1424.30178.

    Analysing File: I:\wait to be burned\cut_cat\eso_tcha.mpg
    ++ WARN: packet length beyond buffer (pos = 18 + size = 2030 > buflen = 452) -- stream may be truncated or packet length > 2324 bytes!

    ++ WARN: bad packet at packet #451 (stream byte offset 1048124) -- remaining 452 bytes of stream will be ignored

    I can still make a disk but it will not play on my home DVD player it will play in Power DVD after I burn a DVD. When I try and play on hame unit I will have audio but no video. I am using Copytodvd ver does any one know how to correct this?

    Thank you for reading this

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    Thats a warning not an error. You can ignore it.

    Did dvds from svcd2dvd workin in your home player before? What is your player?
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  3. Yes it was working with no problems and plays other burnt dvds from past ok.

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  4. Did you do PAL or NTSC? And what format did the disc that play have?
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