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  1. after reading these forums i think that the reason i can't play my dvd burned with my philips dvd recorder in my dvd player is because the recorder authors the DVD different. DVD burnt from my computer works fine. Any search i looked for only brought up ways of authoring on the computer. What if i don't have a dvd burner, or a good computer, and i can't transfer all my video to my computer to be able to play them. Isn't that too much hassle, shouldn't my dvd recorder make the discs playable from the start. Is there any way i can get my DVD recorder to author my discs to play in a normal dvd player.

    if anyone has the DVDR75 and are able to play burned dvds in most dvd players, PLEASE respond tell me what brand of media, and how, if different, you did it.

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    I have a Philips 985 that works perfectly. Never had anyone tell me my discs would not work in their machine...I use only Ritek and Verbatim discs.
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  3. I've used about 10 different brands of media on a 985. Memorex, Philips, HP, Fuji, Optodisc, DVD On, and a few others. No problems playing back on multiple dvd players.

    Check the compatibility list on to make sure your dvd player will play +R/RW.

    If you are using +R, are you making sure to finalise the disc before attempting to play it on another dvd player?
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  4. I burned the DVD+RW that came with my DVDR75, it worked great on my computer(Mac G4) and it worked on my other DVD players.

    I also wrote to DVD+R and it did not work in any of the DVD players or my computer until I "finalized" the disk.

    I used a Fuji DVD+R disk since I got a spindle of 50 for about 70 bucks onsale.

    Hope this helps, Joel
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  5. do you think i might have a messed up recorder. yes my player is listed at and i have finalized all the +R discs before trying them.

    actually i have tried all the discs in two compatable dvd players to no avail

    thanks again for help
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  6. I am assuming the discs play fine in the recorder you made them in.

    Does the disc play in a PC dvd-rom? If you can look at the files on a PC, you should see 2 folders:

    VIDEO_TS, with *ifo, *bup, *vob files

    VIDEO_RM with *ifo, *bup, *dat files

    Are all the files there? Try doing a read test with dvdinfo. Can you play the vobs in windows media player or other app like windvd, etc?

    It could be bad media. You never said how many brands you've tried.

    If all else fails, I would exchange the unit for another one.
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  7. alright thanks for that info. I know the rws read fine in my computer. i think i tried a +R and it wouldn't recognize it a while ago, but ill try again. If i can't figure it out ill call support tommarow (3rd time) and see if they think its best to take it back.

    an RW disc reads fine in my computer, and all the files are there, but it won't play on dvd player

    and Rs ive tried the drive just wont read it. when i put it in it comes up with the thing to select to burn stuff onto it as if it was blank, but then it won't recognize the disc at all or any of its contents.
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  8. I had same issue with recordings from Panasonic E30 and Philips DVDR75/17. Recordnigs did play fine in Mintek 2580 but not in Daewoo 5800. Why ? I don't know but I posted enough about this issue here on this forum. So one of the ways how to fix it, is to buy new player.
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  9. well im pretty sure its just the recorder because i have tried it in two compatable dvd player, and both play media burnt of my computer. ill call support tomarrow
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    Perhaps a possible work-around would be to RIP the DVD+RW disc (made in the standalone recorder) to your computer and demux the M2V and AC-3 streams and then re-author these to a DVD-R or DVD+R disc with your computer burner. Then you can re-use the original DVD+RW for another recording on the standalone.

    I had a friend use a Philips standalone DVD recorder to copy some PAL VHS videos that I had and that is what I finally ended up doing. He used DVD+RW discs. I just ripped them to my computer using DVD DECRYPTER in IFO stream mode to get one long M2V file and one long AC-3 file then I used TMPGEnc DVD Author to make a custom DVD-R with menu and new chapter points etc.

    Of course my stand alone DVD player didn't have a problem playing the original DVD+RW discs. I just did this to have my own menu design custom chapter points.

    - John "FulciLives" Coleman
    "The eyes are the first thing that you have to destroy ... because they have seen too many bad things" - Lucio Fulci
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  11. yes, i have tried that and it does work, but that is too much hassle then i should have to go through. plus the dvd recorder is my dads, im just home from school and im trying to get it to work for him. he doesn't have a dvd burner, i have one on my laptop, so after i go back to school then he wouldn't be able to do that.
    Ill going to call philips today, ill report back if it was just the recorder that was the problem
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