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  1. OK I just applied 40+ label from Neato that I created. After searching thought this forum & testing my finding, I must agree that the labels create a problem with playback.

    Now has anyone found a way to remove these labels. Ive heard that if I spray WD (the lubricant) on the label, it will remove it.

    I'm open to suggestions.

    Thanks in advance...
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  2. I would be careful spraying a petroleum based anything (like WD-40) on a plastic disk. I haven't tried this with DVD's, but in the automotive plastics area that I work in, the petroleum based sprays degrade plastic very badly.

    You might try a warm water soak and some elbow grease. Hope this helps.
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    Labels are not the problem, unless you put them on wrong, off centered or too wet. Ive done close to 2000 labels on cd's (yes 2000) and probably another 100 or so on dvd and no problems unless i screw up putting them on and they are off center. try some off the citric based goo off. be careful as they come in 2 varities. One is peteroleum based and the other is orange citris. Use as litle as needed. First try to peel off as much as u can without anything, then slowly add a bit of the citric stuff and use ur fingernail , unless ur like me and watch the New england Patriots and tend to bite them all off on every game.
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  4. I have seen a number of posts regarding the label issues and the jury is still out on if they are bad or not. To get that professional look for dvd's that I create for clients, I have been wanting to put labels onto dvd's.

    I want to clarify and also ask a question. The clarifying part is are the "label"s we are talking about the kind that cover the entire DVD OR are y'all talking about those labels that just cover around the hole in the middle of the dvd.

    The question (if label means the entire dvd) is that should I label on the smaller labels that go around the "donut" hole. I think that would be better and still have a "professional" look to them (certainly better than a hand scrawled note on the dvd)
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  5. The quickest way I have found that does not damage the DVD is to use a hair dryer, heat one edge start removing and apply heat all the way around. Time consuming but it gets it off. Use rubbing alcohol to remove residue. Be careful not to heat the front side

    What you heard is NOT what I said
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    Isn,t this label thing enough to drive you nuts?
    Some people have issues and some people don,t.
    Full labels cause wobble, hub labels cause slip?????
    I initially did label my dvd,s. Worked fine in my norcent dp-300,
    but gave problems in my pioneer and my son,s jvc unit.
    Go figure.
    I removed the labels with wd-40 (about 50 disks) and have had NO issues
    with the media after a year. Just make sure that you wash the disks with
    a soap ( I used sunlight dish washing liquid) and dry thoroughly after the label comes off. Look at it this way. You,re already having issues.
    What can it hurt. I now use the infamous sharpie and put my energy into
    making nice looking cases to hide my poor penmanship.
    Hope this helps and good luck.

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