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  1. to svcd's to 1 drd-r .......i have 2 movies ( roughly 1.6 gb's each ) & i want to copy both of them to a dvd-r but i use recordnowmax & when i add to AUDIO_TS & VIDEO_TS folders to burn it only burns there a program out there that will burn both VIDEO_TS folders & basically juss start tha next movie when tha other ones finishes??
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    Im a little confused

    when you go to burn the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS it only burns 1 what ? 1 folder ? which folder ?

    what guide are you following
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  3. ok.....i understand that confusement......well when i use recordnowmax open up tha data tab...from there it has a option to add afile from ur hd.....from there i go to my folder where i have tha AUDIO_TS & VIDEO_TS of tha movie i want to burn......i highlight both folders & burn perfect for 1 movie.....well now that i have found svcd2dvd i can now fit 2 movies on 1 i figured i would try tha same process...opened recordnow max.....clicked add files & then i went to one movie & added tha AUDIO_TS & VIDEO_TS folders.....then instead of closin it out i opened up anotha movie & added tha AUDIO_TS & VIDEO_TS folders from now i had 2 AUDIO_TS & 2 VIDEO_TS folders to burn to my dvd-r but when i hit burn it only seemed to burn 1 of tha AUDIO_TS folders & only 1 of tha VIDEO_TS my question is can i burn to movies on 1 dvd-r?? whut im lookin for is to pop in my dvd-r into my dvd pklayer & watch one movie & when that movie is done tha next movie starts up.....i hope that kinda gives u an idea of whut im lookin for but thx 4 tryin 2 help me out bro
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  4. I see the probleem.

    You want to burn 2 video_ts folders on 1 dvd. You can't there can be only 1 folder video_ts.

    What you need to do is author a dvd (video_ts folder) in svcd2dvd. follow the following guide. You input files are the files you got for both your movies.
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  5. ^^ Yah thats exactly whut i wanna do.....ill try dvd author thingy out right now
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