Anyone have any thoughs on this camcorder?

This camera records directly to Mini DVD-Ram disks. I can take these disks and highspeed dub straight into my DMR-E80 or drag the video across from my DVD-RAM reader/recorder to my computer. I have been editing the VRO files with TMPGEnc and burning to DVD-Rs on my computer. All with no loss or re-encoding. I can also burn to DVD-rs on my E80. Lots of options as you can see.

My only negatives with this camera are the noise it makes when it writes to the disks at times, and the fact that it is recording a MPEG2 file, so the video quality in dark situations is so so.

Would be interested in seeing others comments. Can't decide if this is the best way to go with a DVD camcorder, sure is nice to just drag a folder full of video to my computer desktop, or go with a MiniDV camera, and convert the avi file to dvd.