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  1. I'm trying to capture my old 8mm's to the pc. I'm using my trv-33 to shoot the screen. It works pretty good it seems to be a little darker then the screen I've try the exposer setting but can't get it any brighter. I also tryed the sports mode to help with the fliker but it was to dark.

    Help Please
    Dave from Pa.
    Better lookin at it then for it
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  2. The flicker is the difference in frame rate between the 8mm movie film and your video camera. The easiest way to solve it is to use an 8mm movie projector that has a variable speed adjustment. Hook your camera to an external monitor or TV, and adjust the movie speed until the flicker disappears. There are special projectors called "telecine" (I think) that can do this. I just used an old projector that has variable speed. The results were not perfect, but were very usable. To get the optimum brightness for your video, move the projector and video camera closer to the screen. Experiment to get the look you want. I see people on the Premier forums and sites trying to duplicate the old movie flicker, so having a little bit of it adds to it's authentic look. Good luck!

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