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  1. I have a newbie question here... I have a few SVCD's and I want to put them on to DVD. I ripped the video with IsoBuster and now have all the .mpgs ready. I was thinking of trying svcd2dvd, and I probably will, but I have a question. I have seen a lot of people say that svcd2dvd will not convert ntsc to pal and vice versa, but how much does that matter for me? I have a Toshiba sd-2900 and it will play PAL or NTSC dvd's. Since svcd2dvd will not convert them, there will 2 PAL movies and 1 NTSC movie all on one DVD. I dont care if it would play on other peoples dvd player, just mine. Would it have a problem since both types are on one dvd, or should it be okay?
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    Its against the dvd specs to have a mixed ntsc/pal dvd. BUT i do it all the time Its one of the things which svcd2dvd does but other authoing applications doesn't. As long as your player/tv combination plays both formats you should be ok. Give the demo a shot to see if it works for you.
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