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  1. I have several movies in VHS that I wish to transfer into DVD format (i.e. Wedding Day). The only way I can get it to work is by first dubbing the VHS tape into a DV tape and then capturing it off the DV tape. However, I wish to do it without having to transfer it to a DV tape first.

    Setup: VHS ---RCA---> Elura20MC ---Firewire---> PC (port on Audigy)

    If I start to hook up the cables at the VHS, everything seems to work until I plug in the firewire at the PC. It seems that the Elura20MC is expecting an input from my PC. (Mind you there are no applications running on the PC, just WinXP.) If anyone out there has a solution to this,

    Thanks in advance,
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  2. After checking, it dosen't appear that you can capture video going through the camera to the computer without first capturing to DV tape.
    My Canon ZR cam does it but you have to not have a tape in the camera.
    And not all NLE's will capture this way. (At least for me) I use scenalyzier live for capturing.
    I'd double check the manual for your camera about the pass-thru thing.
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