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    Hello I have a simple problem and I don't know how to do with FfmpegX.

    I have 5 SVCD file and I want to burn them in a single DVD. Is it possible ? I would like to use DVDSP 2 to author the DVD (to have a nice menu)

    Thank in advance and congratulation for Major.
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  2. You need to demux and resample the audio to 48Khz. Some DVD players will not accept SVCD as material for a DVD (in that case you must re-encode).

    You can either do that manually file by file and then use Sizzle to author the 5 files together, or use ffmpegX "SVCD>DVD" tool (automatic, but doesn't create a menu).
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  3. Guest
    Thanks for the answer. I tried to demux but even the video wasn't accepted by DVD SP 2. Is it normal ?
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  4. Yes, normal as SVCD size is not DVD compliant, though some DVD players accept it.
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  5. Guest
    Thank again. I will try with Sizzle.
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