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  1. Hi all,

    I got my Sony TRV18E months ago and I'm getting a new CPU so I have the following doubts.

    What is the USB version on TRV18E? I tried to search the spec on the manual and Sony's webpage but to no avail.

    Since my new CPU have USB2.0 ports, I don't think I need to get a firewire because USB2.0 speed is higher. Nonetheless, does Sony TRV18E supports this?

    Any ideas?

    Please help!!

    Thank you !!!

    Best regards,
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    well a couple of seconds searching on google for sony trv18e spec
    revealed the following information
    USB 1.1 Web streaming support - which basically means it can act as a web cam

    I don't think I need to get a firewire because USB2.0 speed is higher
    hmm nice try but since this camera is a mini-DV camera you will need firewire to get fullscreen high quality video onto your computer.

    Only the Sony MicroMV camera's use USB2 and even some of them still are using firewire.

    USB2 is good , don't get me wrong - but correct tool for the job you know.
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  3. Thanks a lot!!!
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