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  1. How to extract audio from .vob files

    Tools needed

    Ac3 tools

    Smart ripper

    If you want to split the .wav file you will need cool edit or
    similar program

    Let's start with smart ripper

    First insert your dvd and open smartripper, after the unlock box

    opens and reads the dvd, smartripper main box will open.

    Program chain 1 should be highlighted, this is the main movie. and

    all the chapters should be ticked. Also in the cells box, they should

    also be ticked. also select where you want the new files to be saved in

    the target box.

    Now goto the stream processing tab

    Make sure enable stream processing is ticked.In the streams area,

    the stream with (0x80) audio english ac3 (XXX) 48khz is the main audio

    stream. Make sure it is ticked, then click on it. In the area beside

    it, select demux to extra file. This will make a separate ac3 audio

    file. When done click start. It may take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes

    to complete the rip.

    Open ac3 tools

    On the ac3 analysis, open the folder that you saved the ripped

    files from smartripper in the dropdown box.Select the ac3 file, launch

    analysis may work, i couldn't get it to, but it realy isn't


    Now select the ac3 to wav tab

    Make sure the ac3 file is highlighted in the ac3 analysis tab

    You can tweak the settings here or just leave them as they are,

    just in the downmix mode, make sure the pro-logic downmix is ticked and

    select stereo. you could select the others if you wish.

    Hit the ac3>wav button,and the conversion will begin.

    If you want to split the wav load cool edit

    Load the wave file by clicking file,open.

    Highlight the section you want to cut.

    Save the section by clicking the floppy icon (circled in red), a

    box will open, name the file and click save.

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    Nice guide. But it seems easier to me to open the file in Virtual Dub mod and save it as a wave file.

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    I also use AC3Tool....and you are the only person I've seen who mentioned that analysis was NOT necessary. After much trial and error I figured out that is not only un-necessary.....AC3Tool closes on me after Analysis. I just open the file in Analysis....then hit the AC3 to .wav tab and off we go.
    Out of all of the suggestions on this site....AC3 tool is the only one that works for me....but I'm somewhat of a newbie...

    Good Job Wingnut (Funny....a Wingnut to me is usually an idiot.....not this time)...

  4. Thanks tommyknocker, i haven't used the vdub mod, but i have tried other metods and i couldn't get it to work. so i tried the method i described and it worked great. i will check out the vdub mod method to see how that goes. worth a try.

    thanks also to hech64, i am also somewhat of a newbie too. i got all kinds of comments on my screenname from other forums too, some thaught i took it from when grouco marks sidekick, i guess his name was wingnut also. anyway i am glad you liked my guide, it was my first attempt at it.

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    Load the vob into BeSweet!!!!!

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