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    VS7 has been working fine for me for a few month.
    Starting Monday, when I am editing a video (AVI) the 'image' in the preview is distorted when I am using the slider to look for commercials.
    As soon as I release the slider the picture comes back to normal.

    When it's distorted it looks like a big colored rainbow moving on the screen with shadows... (Hard to explain...)

    Anyway this is new... was working fine before. Only new thing on my computer is that I installed DirectX 9b. I had 9a before. I am not sure if it's related or not... might be. There is no way to remove DirectX 9b anyway... I tried severals AVI files and they all do it. MPG don't do it. I re-installed Huffyuv too.

    Any sugestions?

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  2. I would suggest visiting the Web site of your video display adapter.

    Check to see if any updated drivers are available.

    Download and install.

    It's possible the DirectX you installed may require a newer driver.

    Hope this helps,

    Jerry Jones
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