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  1. I wish to reauthor my wedding video via Premiere. I followed instructions to convert my VOB files to AVI, but I have two problems:

    1) no audio - isn't audio supposed to be encoded in an AVI?
    2) when I import the AVI into Premiere, I am seeing an interlacing effect upon dropping it into the timeline and rendering it. How can I get rid of this?
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  2. did you select the correct audio track? If it was a DVD you made did you encode the audio as MPEG? If so you might need to demux it.
    Ejoc's CVD Page:
    DVDDecrypter -> DVD2AVI -> Vobsub -> AVISynth -> TMPGEnc -> VCDEasy

    DVDShrink -> RecordNow DX

    VirualDub -> AVISynth -> QuEnc -> ffmpeggui -> TMPGEnc DVD Author
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