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  1. Grigsby
    Previously, I've been able to use FFmpegX with no problems. I've upgraded to Panther and 0.0.9a, and now the program doesn't seem to accept any VIDEO_TS folder on my harddrive. I've used DVDBackup as usual, but I now get:

    "To comply with copyright laws, DVD device input is not allowed. Please select a file or a non-encrypted VIDEO_TS folder from your hard disk."

    If I change the name of the VIDEO_TS folder to something else, it works, but then I don't get any audio... I read in this forum that it indeed needs to be named VIDEO_TS in order to get the audio. So... any suggestions? Thanks.
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  2. Put your VIDEO_TSs in your Movies folder and try again.
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  3. Grigsby
    Thank you, that worked fine. But now I'm still having intermittant trouble having any audio... I was able to encode one divx, but now whenever I try, I get no audio... I haven't changed any settings except the Title #. Any ideas? Thanks. -Grigs
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