You may get an error on mainconcept on srscaler.dll. That is caused when you put in bad information in the crop and scale changer. If you change the parameters, you better change all of them correctly.

That is, if you want a horizontal of 336, you better have the center at 168. If it is will error out. And then, you cannot get back into mainconcept because it opens and looks at the last file you accessed. Do not think that mainconcept will fix it for ya.

Do this:

Delete mcmpgenc.mes which stores your settings. That means you dont have to reinstall maniconcept.

When making changes in crop and scale, make sure your settings make sense in the center area for the horizontal and vertical areas.

This is a mainconcept bug because it should warn you not to make this type of mistake.

Whew.....that took some time to figure out.

Kudos to the other person who posted this bug....