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  1. Can anyone help me?, I am trying to convert an X vid movie using tpmeng I have taken the sound and converted it to WAV using virtual dub and now am trying to convert the movie without sound so I can eventually burn it as a VCD. The problem is that I get halfway through the movie with tpmeng and the picture goes blank!. At first I thought it was just a saving mode as the conversion was still running, but when it was complete I played it in media player and it was just the same. Halfway through it just goes blank. The AVI movie that I am trying to convert from is fine and plays the complete movie OK? I am at a loss as to why this is happening can anyone help?. I have converted another Xvid movie and this worked fine.
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    Lesson number one. Any AVI should be checked for bad frames before doing any conversion to it.

    Lesson number two. Go back and learn lesson number one.

    Anyway, it seems you may have bad franes. If not make sure your Direct Show priority in TMPGEnc is set to two or higher.
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  3. Thanks that has cured my problem. I did check the direct show too and found it was showing -2 so I changed it. I now have half a movie encoded and am about to finsh the other half. I will get the hang of it. Thanks again.
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