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  1. I dont know if this is the right forum to post this, but i am looking for a good S-VHS VCR. Actually, I dont really care about the SVHS part, I just want a vcr that I can output with S-Video, for higher quality transferring to DVD. Any suggestiong? I dont need record either. Thanks.
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    Get a JVC 7900-9911 model.
    The older 9800 is best if you can find it.
    Avoid the 2900-5900 models. Yuck.

    Some Panasonic, Sony and Mitsubishi are good too, but more costly than JVC, and with nothing more to validate the higher price.
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  3. Any ideas on where to find any of the JVC 7900 models? I'm trying to get the JVC with the TBC for as close to $200 as I can find to transfer a slew of Disney movies from VHS to DVD and then get rid of all the VHS equipment and movies.

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