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    OK, I'm trying to get my Canon ZR70MC to pass-though an A/V signal to my PC. As far as I know I have it set up correctly, but I'm having a couple problems.

    While I was able to use VirtualDub for captures from my ATI AIW< when I try using VirtualDub for this it chokes saying there is no driver.

    If I use the native Windows support (like MovieMaker) I have no problem seeing the image, but there is no sound. I've gone though the audio settings to no avail.

    I have WindowsXP and have the camcorder hooked up via FireWire though my Audigy FireWire port. (it's the high speed model port) The camera is set to do A-D and use video input. The video signal comes though no problem, but I can't get any sound out of it. The cable connecting the external sound is a combo cable which includes the video.

    The drivers seem installed correctly as the system recognises the device when connected. Just no sound.

    Any thoughts?


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    How have you connected the audio from your source to your camcorder? What do you mean by a combo cable? You will have video and audio (or two audio if stereo) from your source which need to be connected to the video and audio inputs on your camcorder.
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