Requirements: -> Avi2Vcd(decompressor.exe) -> mkxds (MKV DShow splitter),Matroska Muxer, and Matroska Splitter <-Retired Codecs -> Alternative link that replaces some Ogm/Ogg Codecs
Ogm/OGG Codecs -> Xvid, Vobsub_2.23, SubtitDS1400, OggDS0995, ffdshow, riff-cdxa-filter-test6b-nsis

MKV or Mastroka container format, described as being the same as OGG/OGM with multiple chapter, subtitles capabilities.<-Awesome

Just like article "" but in this case you can't rename the file as avi.
Recommended to retain the original file name to avoid "unable to process video" errors.

Launch decompressor.exe packaged with Avi2Vcd program.
Goto Browse button and navigate to folder where mkv file is stored.
In File Name - type w/o quotes "*.*" then hit enter - which will display the mkv file.
Select the file by single or double click and or select file and Open button.
Then click Decompress.......

Note: Some MKV files may have multiple audio tracks as well so make sure within the first 1sec you click decompress and a green
arrow appears near your clock, make sure you selected the desired language.

Then Read a Book.....Take a walk......Make a couple phone calls......Maybe take another walk.....The extraction process takes time

Once finished(20-30mins later) the file will double in size archiving an uncompressed video and decompressed audio <----Nice
Hellraiser.mkv 774mbs <--I can't burn this.
Hellraiser_pcm.avi 1.47gbs <---can't burn this either.
Hellraiser_virtualdub.avi 638mb <------sweet burnable.