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  1. I have seen several threads about the converting, but not necessarily from 23.97 mpeg to 29.97 mpeg. I want to be able to use some scenes from both in my Pinnacle Studio 8 program. Is there an easy way to do this? Thanks
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  2. What format is your source material in, Divx (avi), DV mpeg or something else? Help us to help you and we might be able to find the answers you need.
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  3. My source material is in DV mpeg. I also have the original DVD that I ripped to make that mpeg. That gave me a 23.97 mpeg in PAL which I then converted to NTSC using NeoDVD, but still at 23.97.
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  4. Your reply is confusing and doesn't make much sense.

    DV and MPEG is not the same. There is no such thing as "DV MPEG".

    I guess your file is .MPG.
    Is it MPEG2 or MPEG1?
    What resolution is it? 720x576 or 720x480?

    PAL is 25fps, so if your file is 23.976, then it's clearly not PAL. (BTW there is no 23.97)
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  5. If your material is mpeg-2, you need to use pulldown. Look in the glossary for an explanation.
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