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    I converted the component video files over to mjpeg encoded quicktime movies. What I wanted to do was compress these down to an XviD avi. Well, I chose "DivX 3 [.AVI] (ffmpeg)" first, because I thought, ok so I know my other computer can play DivX better than XvidD anyway, and I don't care as long as its smaller and playable on other computers. It took about 4 minutes of the candy cane status bar to ding, and the result was a 0k, totally useless avi file. I had the same result with an mp4 encoded quicktime file, only it took 2 seconds to ding and create an empty avi file.

    I decided to try mencoder, and picked "XviD [.AVI] (mencoder)" It took a while, but it finally encoded 2.5 minutes worth of video to a hefty 24.4M file. Not very good.

    I'm having nothing but bad luck here...
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  2. Select DivX (libavc) quick preset, and email me the process output to in case of problems.
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