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  1. I see on the VCDEasy website that v1.1.7 now allows you to create AudioVCDs allowing up to 6 hours of audio. Has anyone done this? Any idea on how to go about creating audio mpeg files?

    A search of both guides and these forums has not identified any mention of this (except for one not very useful post).

    If anyone has done it, any kind of advice would be much appreciated as it could be a way of keeping the missus quiet for 6 hours!!

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  2. I have not used VCDEasy for Audio VideoCD, but I can suggest you to have a look at my VideoCD Audio and VideoCD Audio + Stills authoring guides at the site:

    I hope you to find them useful for your pourpose. Good luck

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    Hello Ryan

    I have described in Chapter C of my guide how to generate Audio-only MPEG-streams which are needed for Audio-VCDs.
    These streams are played without any problems on a DVD-player.
    By the way below of my guide you will find also a trick for old VCDEasy versions (below 1.1.4) how to insert Audio-only MPEG streams.

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