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    I've read a lot of the notes about how to convert a printer to a DVD media printer, and also about the more expensive/efficient DVD printers.

    I think I've convinced myself the Epson 900/960 would be a good choice. I'm only printing a few DVDs per week, so speed is not a factor. I've read up on the software and caddy issues, and understand those.

    So my question is about print quality, and overall ease of use. Specifically any comments on the Epson 900 vs 960 focusing on DVD media printing.

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    If you are going to use the printer for a lot paper printing in addition to a few disks, I would choose the 950/960 as it is a little newer machine. After that, I can't help you much since I don't own either of those machines. You might also look for a used machine to save a little money.
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    True, I will probably use it for some photo and color printing as well, so I'll go with the 960. Time to shop around. Once I get it, I'll post some results. Thanks!
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    If you'd do a search on the forum, you will find many posts about the 900, complete with scanned images of the results. Plus, the 900 is about half (or so) the cost of the 960. Both are six ink photo printers.
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  5. Beware of canon rebates! I got screwed on 2 this year! $30 each rebate on the canon I850! We never got either! They were bought at Sams Club, and were Canon rebates from the Canon website!

    So having said that, I just found this at newegg!

    $179.00 -$50
    (Mail in Rebate)
    for the epson 900 if you purchase a digital camera too.
    That also covers 960 and many others.

    Like I said, I got burned on BOTH $30 rebates for Canon I sent in!
    Also one rebate recieved and one refused from Logitech on Speakers.
    So this year I was ripped on $80 worth of rebates, though I got back several like Maxtors.

    Anyway, if you want the printer, and can use a digital camera, or want to give one as a gift, might be a good deal. "IF you get the rebate"!

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