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  1. I thought the ones who had problems with earlier versions might try this one

    DVD Decrypter (14/10/2003)

    Implemented proper XP / 2003 Autoplay functionality
    Implemented a second/third level of I/O Debug mode
    Implemented code for reading info from ADIP (DVD+R / +RW)
    Increased maximum buffer size to 128 MB
    Improved network reading efficiency
    Improved 'Erase Disc' routines to allow manual selection of media type if auto detect should fail
    Improved automatic filesystem checking
    Improved brute force CSS cracking method
    Improved 'Device Not Ready' code to display the reason for not being ready!
    Improved drive handling in SPTI mode - no longer locks all drives!
    Improved UDF parsing code - for files with multiple Allocation Descriptors
    Improved PUO removal from IFO files
    Added 'RCE Protection' status to all modes
    Added warning for RCE discs
    Added warning if image wont fit on disc in ISO Write mode
    Added the option of always minimizing to the system tray - via the settings
    Added the option of minimizing to the system tray - via the system menu
    Added support for latest MDS file specification
    Added new LST file format - plain text list of image files/parts to burn in ISO Write mode
    Added a context menu to destination folder / file labels
    Added the ability to always make the program load in a particular 'Mode' (i.e. File, IFO etc.)
    Added the ability to remove PUOs from VOB files
    Added 'Remove PUOs' to the Tools -> IFO menu
    Fixed ISO Label changing code
    Fixed 'write speed not supported' problem with some drives
    Fixed '&' underscore bug in volume labels / folder names
    Fixed file association bug
    Fixed 'ReZero Unit' I/O Error bug
    Fixed file rename issue on Windows 9x machines
    Fixed memory error in IFO parsing code
    Fixed an issue with the RCE removal code
    Fixed a bug in the ISO9660 filesystem parsing code
    Fixed a bug in file mode that caused all the remaining files to be skipped after an error occurred
    Made some naming change in the OGG info file
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  2. thing I noticed with DVD Decrypter which could hopefully be fixed in the next version is the fact that when you set the "delete incomplete files" to "NO"..DVD DECRYPTER can memorize that setting.

    The way it is currently...if you change that setting to "NO" DVD Decrypter will revert back to "YES" on its own after you close out or reboot your PC. When I want to check settings of a specific VOB..I usually just rip 10% of that Vob..stop the Rip process and then check it. But being that DVD Decrypter always changes the option back to "YES"...I have to make sure I constantly change it back to "NO."

    But that is obviously a minor thing for such an amazing proggy.
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  3. This new version of DVD Decrypter ( fixed my NEC ND-1300A burner problems. I am now able to use the OptoDisc GOLD 1X-4X -R media which is available at for $1.14 in 100 quantity. This media also works great on my SONY 510a and a friend of mine uses iit on his Pioneer A06.

    You will also need the firmware upgrade to 1.08 for the NEC. Get it here:
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  4. dont all D/L at once as the server is practically blowing up.
    Corned beef is now made to a higher standard than at any time in history.
    The electronic components of the power part adopted a lot of Rubycons.
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    Major news IMHO is that finally it is finalizin write on LG GMA-4020B (A108) alas all previous version used to stuck at 99%;
    I also tested it earlier with LG GSA-4040B (A300) and same model with A104 fware, and it works great - but thats whats ought to be expected anyway.

    All done with -R discs only.
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  6. Change Log

    DVD Decrypter (26/10/2003)

    Added the ability to set the read speed
    Added support for showing supported write speeds in ISO Write mode
    Added support for 24bit PCM streams
    Added the ability to write PCM or WAV
    Added PCM stream details in File mode Stream Processing
    Added a special feature used by DoItFast4U!
    Added support for creating BSPlayer chapter files in IFO mode
    Added support for CLI switch '/ERASE' when in ISO Write mode
    Improved ISO Label changing code
    Improved IFO modes SubPicture detection
    Improved ISO Write modes 'Write Mode' detection
    Improved ISO Write mode to work with more image formats on more drives
    Fixed ISO Write 'Write Speed' code
    Fixed a few memory access violations
    Fixed a bug in the UDF parsing code
    Fixed a bug when burning via CLI
    Fixed a bug in the destination folder selection code
    Some other tweaks and fixes that probably aren't worth detailing
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  7. "Added support for 24bit PCM streams"
    I wonder if Lightning UK is thinking of DVD-AUDIO?

    The best just keeps on getting better....
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  8. looks like he also fixed the "delete incomplete file" function which continued to revert back to "YES" by default every time you'd restart your pc or go out of dvd decrypter and back in. It's useful when you just want to rip part of a vob..and when it deletes by itself you have to remember to change the option back to "NO" each time prior to partially ripping.

    For some reason the other functions would remain at your preferences except that one, but with this latest version it looks like that's been fixed as well. Amazing proggy.
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    I've used DVD Decrypter for all my back ups. My question is do any of the new versions do anything that improves picture quality, or are there just new features to make them easier/more convienent for other jobs to be done with just using this one program?
    What We Do In Life, Echoes In Eternity....
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  10. Yes DVD Decryptor is an excellent burning program most people dont know that and being FREE its hard to beat. I burn .iso .gi .img files all flawless with my burners (Pioneer A06 (2 of em) and Sony DRU (just one )

    I donated few bucks to the author cause its well worth his excellent work.. if you havent do the same as well.
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  11. Change Log

    DVD Decrypter (28/12/2003)

    Added additional 'user error' checking to ISO Write mode
    Fixed a problem with the /START CLI switch
    Fixed a problem with the install script regarding checking for program updates
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    * BUG * (probably)

    I was just backing up some movie.
    DVDDec. didnt detect CSS protection, detected wrong Region, (showed all regions), and didnt detect RCE at all. I was right away sure something must be wrong as it never happened with Warner Bros discs to be unencrypted and have no Region set etc... well I let it go as is and wasn't surprised ripping disc to hdd was going at 0.1x (or actually at no speed at all).
    I used DVDShrink to get right CSS key, entered it manually in "force key" option and then DVDDec worked (@3.4x right at the begining - kinda normal for this drive - but I didnt finish ripping it with DVDDec since it still didnt detect Region or RCE properly, it was just a test; I've used DVDShrink set to 0% compression to rip it for me to hdd).

    Has something changed with de-CSS routine in DVDDec ?
    I've never had such prob with DVDDec 3.1.xx in the past... I'd hate to ask for donation refund now
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  13. "* BUG * (probably)"

    Ditto,I went back to
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    Has anyone else tried this upgrade? Is everyone else using it with no problems, or should I wait to upgrade?
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    I still use myself I found the updated versions all seemed a bit buggy slow ripping & incorrect book types on my discs.
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  16. Video Restorer lordsmurf's Avatar
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    I use because did not recognize my BTC burner's 4x DVD+R media properly.
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  17. Originally Posted by goldmember1
    incorrect book types on my discs.
    Actually and up shows both the ADIP info and the last recorded booktype on my 5125a.

    I had some buffer underrun problems with but works OK with my Ricoh and Pioneer106 too...
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    Dere wrote
    I was just backing up some movie.
    DVDDec. didnt detect CSS protection, detected wrong Region, (showed all regions), and didnt detect RCE at all.
    Maybe you didn't authenticate (play a little of the title) before ripping it?
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