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    I ask this because i'm able to create vcd's with excellent quality using tmpmpeg from dvds?? However when I go to play them on my 2.5 year old marantz standalone dvd player, i can watch them fine but can't fast forward / rewind the movie...obviously this can get a bit annoying. However, here's the sucker...I have 2 original vcd's, again old movies, (planes, trains, and automobiles +naked gun) and they play great, as well as being able to fast forward and rewind!!! I'm presuming it's something to do with the format of the movies i'm making and compatibility with my standalone, as other people with newer dvd players are able to watch/ff/rw my homemade movies...
    can anybody out there help me with this one.

    Cheers and thanks
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    I had this problem on my Pioneer, when I use the hybrid templates (ie Sefy's SeVCD and SxVCD). When I scan'd fwd or rew you lose the audio track for the rest of the movie. Now, if you used the standard templates, the scandata works fine. Also, in Nero, I had a problem with this once when I burned the vcd out at 4x, when I dropped to 2x and 1x it was fine.
    Hope this helps.

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