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  1. hello

    i just noticed that new firmware 2g is out

    did anyone already tried this one ?

    under w2k will ritek G04 burn at 4x ?


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  2. Someone on the Pinnacle IC board just posted that 2.0G works for him on Ritek 04. I dunno, since I sent my 50 pack to my brother after it wouldn't work for me (he has an Optorite, which does Riteks at 4x no problem).
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  3. yeah & my 2x accus now write at 1x....dont use it if you dont need it.
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    Thanks for the notice delcour.

    I thought the e or f updates provided support for 4x burning.

    From Handyguy's post maybe I'll wait for more reports before updating. Sony has a nasty habit for breaking some functions while trying to fix other functions.

    Here is a more direct link to the update...

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  5. I dunno...I'm still using firmware version "2c" that it came with. Works fine, burns at 4X with 4X media. I can't see a reason to fix something that ain't broke. I've read too many bad stories here about people who did flash and didn't get the results they wanted.
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  6. Installed 2g a few days ago.
    Princo 4X now takes 14 mins.
    With 2f it took 28 mins (as all previous versions).
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    Yes I have,but I can't tell the differance from 2.0f. Probably need to buy some cheap crap (media) to test.
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