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  1. hi guys
    quick question

    is it possible to install and run a dvd-burner
    on windows 98, specifically the pioneer 106
    my friend wants to get one, and i just want to
    make sure he'll be able to use it if he gets it

    use for burning dvd's
    he's using a p2 400MHz, with 192MB RAM i think

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    I believe a cpu of 400 MHz is too slow for any sort of DVD burner. The amount of data throughput required to burn a DVD may be too much for such a slow system. From what I can find it's suggested to have at least 800 MHz and 1.6 GHZ suggested.

    DVR-A06 Pioneer DVD Burner System Requirements
    DVR-A06 drive requirements:
    Pentium III 500MHz or faster
    Windows 98SE, Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows 2000
    128MB RAM or higher (256MB recommended)
    Available 5.25" drive bay
    IDE controller with available connector
    10GB OR MORE free hard drive space

    DVD video disc creation requirements:
    Intel 800 MHz Pentium III minimum or equivalent (1 GHz or better recommended)
    256 MB RAM
    video capture capability (1394 interface or analog video capture card)
    1024 x 768 or higher video display adapter
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  3. oh ok thanks
    i think he'll be sad to hear that
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    I have successfully backed up several DVDs on my sons Celeron 633 but Im sure that was pushing it
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