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  1. Does this drive come with a firmware that dosen't let you rip a dvd?

    I have tryed to rip using dvd decryptor,, smartripper,, dvd2one,, and the ones with dvd2svcd but it starts to rip then thats it .

    my config is 2AMD 2000+MP's
    1gig or ram
    and windows xp pro

    yes dma is on,, and the firmware i dont remember whats on it what ever came on it from pioneer in august.
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  2. then thats it
    Then thats what? An error? nothing happens? the tray ejects and starts chirping like a cookoo clock? You need to explain exactly what happens so people here can help you.
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  3. no error the speed drops to 0.0x & the light stays on thats it
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  4. starts chirping like a cookoo
    Rock ON!
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  5. Shouldn't this be in DVD Writers section ?
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  6. well i thought i put n the writers section guess not it looks like my bad!!!
    By the way fixed the problem on this flashed the firmware to 1.07rpc1 hacked and now all is fine rips at 5x-11x
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  7. ehhh....I was just going to say get the DVD-Rom from Lite on the 166 its only like $35 from Im not a big fan of cracked firmware but oh well.
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