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  1. For some months i'm the happy owner of a Nec1100a, but since a week i got a weird problem.

    Windows XP keeps telling me the DVD+R writer is a CD player. It's also impossible to select the writer in Nero.

    I already formatted my harddisk, and reinstalled xp, but that didn't seem to help

    Since i got problem i have been able to burn a CD with discjuggler, but i want to burn with nero!

    Someone knows what's wrong here?
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    Is this a Dell system? If so, did the drive come with the Dell system? When you re-installed were you asked for the location of the device drivers?
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  3. It isn't a dell

    winXP did install the default drivers when i re-installed it. It didn't even ask me where to get the drivers from
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  4. Have you tried manualing installing the drivers for the drive. That may make a difference. Windows default drivers are probably not problem. Is your bios recognizing the right drive spec. Post back if this doesn't help.
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    What type of PC is it? The only drivers that are involved would be for the ide chipset, there is no NEC 1100 driver as it is a standard ATAPI device. I would find out the chipset and get the lastest drivers installed, i.e. Hyperion for VIA and serveral for Intel.

    Intel drivers:

    Via drivers:

    SIS drivers:

    Hope this helps!
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