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  1. First one, who actually makes this drive?

    Secondly, I am planning on buying my bosses copy (license and all) of DVD Maestro, however, I put this drive in my bosses PC and Maestro (not the PC) doesn't see it. Is there anything I can do about that. For now, I have to have Maestro write an image then have Alchohol120 burn the image, but I hate having to throw in a third guest to the party.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    They were originally Pioneer A06's, and probably still are. Just keep in mind that some companies put drives from different OEM's in a box with there name on it (Cendyne) so that might have changed. As far as DVD Maestro, it is no longer maintained so no one is adding support for new writers so I doubt it will ever work with never drives, sorry.
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  3. Is there any way to tell if it's (still) a Pioneer A06 (serial #, firmware version)?

    As far as Maestro, someone emailed me an updated .dll that supposed to accomodate A06's but it still doesn't see the drive. In the worst case, if I really needed to, could I update the firmware with A06 firmware? Would that change the drives IDentity to an A06?

    Thanks for your reply

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  4. Just got home from work with DVDInfo Pro and it says in extended info that it IS a Pioneer.
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