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  1. Basically its a front end to MainConcept 1.4. I read lots of threads about the best quality settings and resizing, so I decided to put something together to simplify things. It will output a MC 1.4 project file that you simply load into the encoder. I'm just coming to the part now where I process the .MES file (gonna be a bitch).

    If theres enough interest ill maybe add some audio processing (NTSC to PAL and vice versa) and maybe user defined matrices. Also thinking about a save settings option so we can have (sort of) template support for MC 1.4
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    its a good idea i guess -- but its already easy to make new templates .. the standard resize makes good sense though.
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  3. Looks good to me. The ability to easily change the Quantization Matrices would be great!
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  4. Still at the very early Alpha stage, it already looks different from the screen shot. Anyone know how to access info from an AVI and/or MPG from VB.6 (width, height, fps etc ...)
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