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  1. But, of course, there's a catch:

    The price is actually $258.99 shipped, and you get a certificate for $50 off your next Amazon purchase. I figure I can easily use that $50 to buy some blank DVDs, so it seemed like a good deal to me.

    Sorry if this is a repeat, but I hadn't noticed it posted here before. Offer ends Oct 19.

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  2. LINK. this is a great drive at a really great price (as long as you don't mind the gift certificate as a rebate). however, can anyone tell me what kind of media they've been using in it? do the memorex 4x+ media amazon has had on sale work well in it?
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    I got it from amazon and arrived in 2 days. Maybe I'm very close to their shipping warehouse. This drive is great. Fast with 4x DVD+R media.

    I got TDK disks from microcenter. Memorex is good, but I've heard a few problems with it. But you can go ahead and buy it, I think u can return it.
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  4. Still waiting for mine to arrive from Amazon. I ordered it a week ago, so I guess I'm not close to their warehouse. Still, free shipping, I'm not complaining.

    I just picked up some Memorex on sale from my local Compuplus. (Someone posted a coupon in the Media forum here, I believe.) I got the 4x +Rs, and some 2x -RWs (they were out of the +RWs). Hopefully, they'll work, but it's good to know the TDKs worked for you.

    There are some comments here on which media work and don't work. Go to "DVD Writers" (see link under "OTHER" on the left hand side of this screen) and find the entry for the PX-708A.
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