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  1. Been using this burner about 2 weeks now and so far it appears great except for one small problem. Everytime I boot WinXP finds new hardware and cant find a driver for it. It is identified as Roxio SoftScsi Host Adapter. It seems to have no outward effect on burning that I can tell. So far I have been regular CDR and DVD-RW with no problem. I have used Nero, Paddus, Ulead Movie Factory all as burning apps with great success. Optorite has not answered 2 emails, but the vendor Newegg, has offered to RMA it. Anyone have any ideas?

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  2. It sounds like a conflict with Windows Media Player(Roxio plugin),this might work and do so at your own risk:
    In Explorer->PROGRAM FILES->Windows Media Player->put Roxio folder on a floppy/CD(approx.1MB) then delete folder->reboot.
    If that doesn't work go back to PROGRAM FILES->WMP->Installer and select wpsetup.exe this will reinstall WMP.
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